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You pay a premium to L&I in order to insure you and your employees against workplace accidents. This can sometimes be a complex, expensive, and frustrating process. Risk Finance's purpose is to be the liaison between your company, and the department of labor and industries. Our team is responsible for assisting you in these areas...


          1. Prevention of workplace accidents through safety initiatives

          2. Early detection claims management

          3. Injured employee return to work options

          4. Reduction in the client's experience factor, and L&I premium

Retro Programs

"Retrospective Rating, or Retro for short, is a safety incentive program created by the legislature to incentivize employers to have a safer workplace. It allows an employer to receive a partial refund on their work comp premium paid to L&I"

"Safety is not just a priority. Priorities are fluid and subject to change especially as a company goes through changes within the economy. We help companies understand that safety is an embedded and immovable part of their culture."


Brent Kohler

Founder and CEO, Risk Finance and Investment Co


We inspire companies to create a culture that leads to an accident-free workplace.

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